Women in Gambling

The History of Gambling is a long and varied one, but much as with the history of many other industries, and primarily due to the, 'Glass Ceiling,' effect even in recent years; it is only recently that women play on a (well, more) equal playing field in the gambling industry as men.

Even if one were to look at the preferences of women and men with respect to gambling, gambling has long been considered a recreation of men as opposed to women. If you need verification of this fact, then simply go to any Craps, Blackjack or Poker Table in virtually any casino https://rank-online-casinos.com/ anywhere and, more often than not, there will be more male players than female players. This even holds true in the realm of professional players, such as professional poker players. While there have been long-time great female poker players such as Jennifer Harman and Cyndy Violette as well as a newer crop of excellent female players such as Vanessa Selbst (who is, in fact, one of the absolute best right now) and even celebrities making a splash in recent years, Jennifer Tilly being one example...Professional Poker is still very much the domain of men at, for the most part.

Going back to the, 'Glass Ceiling,' effect, while there is a near-expectation that cocktail waitresses will be female, (I mean, they're called, 'Cocktail Waitresses,' as opposed to, 'Cocktail Servers,' right?) and in the last several decades it is hardly unusual to see a female dealer or cage attendant, as with many other industries, women have experienced some difficulty breaking through into the higher management positions or positions on the Board of Directors.